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1.     What is the safe gradient of the slope that scooter can take?

It depends on the model and varies from model to model. Luggie’s safe gradient is 6 degrees. However, some of our models can go up to 12 degrees.


2.     How economical is this product in terms of kilometer?

Under normal conditions, for RM 1 of electricity (charging), our scooter can go for a distance of more than 20 km.


3.       What are Luggie mobility scooter’s special features?

  • Chassis frame is made by alloy aluminum.
  • Direct folding to pack into stylish suitcase.
  • Super light weight to lift up into trunk (23.5kg included battery).
  • Easy portable while folded.
  • Easy to remove the battery.
  • Adjustable steering height and angle.
  • Comfortable seat with height adjustable.
  • Styled 6 inch solid tyre front.
  • Styled 7 inch solid tyre rear.
  • Armrest (option)
  • Suitcase (option)


4.     What is the specifications for Luggie mobility scooter?

  • Overall length (unfold) = 100 cm / 39 inches
  • Overall length (fold) = 66 cm / 26 inches
  • Overall width = 45.5 cm / 18 inches
  • Ground clearance = 6.4 cm / 2.5 inches
  • Maximum load = 114 kg
  • Travel range (up to) 18 km per charging
  • Turning radius = 90 mm
  • Maximum speed = 6 km / 4 mph
  • Light weight Lithium Polymer Battery (8.5Amp).



5.     What is the braking system for Luggie mobility scooter?

  • Intelligent braking (electronic, regenerative disk brake)


6.     What is control system for Luggie mobility scooter?

  • It is a start of art electronic control system, fully operational speed control for safe operations.


7.     What is the motor type for Luggie mobility scooter?

  • It is 24volt DC permanent magnet motor.


8.     What is the drive system for Luggie mobility scooter?

  • It is a real wheel, direct drive via transaxle.

NOTE: Our policy is one of continual improvement. We reserve the right to change specification without prior notice.



What RM0.82 Can Do?   To make them smile again

Once upon a time, they bought us a wonderful and comfortable walker to allow us to move around while we are learning how to walk, and then they bought us a small tricycle to allow us to have fun riding.


When we went to school, we persuaded them to buy us a bicycle. When we successfully enroll in university, they bought us a motorbike and lend us their beloved old car.

After we graduated and started to work, they assisted us to get our first car. Few years later, we bought our second car, a bigger car, an imported car… They felt proud and glad that we are doing well in our lives.

Now, they have more free time and would like to visit us… they love going outdoor, shopping and travelling… they enjoy having a cup of coffee and meeting their neighbor and old friends at their favorite coffee shop in the village… they have many topics to chat about … they enjoy walking at the garden nearby and practicing “Tai Chi” every morning, they love the fresh air there, they feel refresh. They are physically active and mentally healthy. These are the happy moment in their golden years. They enjoy the golden years after many years of hard work…


When time goes by, aging effects start to crawl in, Osteoporosis start to show their color, high calcium milk seems just not good enough.  (Note:  Osteoporosis or "porous bones" is the weakening of bones caused by an imbalance between bone building and bone destruction. People typically lose bone as they age, despite consuming the recommended intake of calcium necessary to maintain optimal bone health. An estimated 10 million Americans—8 million women and 2 million men—have osteoporosis. )

All other aging effects trigger their body to slow down the movement; they feel the pain at their knees, joints, spinal & leg muscle after a walk.  They need many short pauses when they are shopping or walking. 

When time goes by, the aging effects continue, the body start to give-in silently. Constant pressure from body weight and excessive movement at old age continue to wear down their knees and joints; sometimes the joints or tissues become swollen. They suffer the severe pain and have no choice but to reduce or stop joining family outing, stop their regular neighboring trip, stop their trip to garden for fresh air… eventually their space is limited to the room.

Now, they depend on their walking stick (Tongkat) to assist them slowly take a few painful steps. They pause and sit for a minute before taking another few more steps forward. They sit alone and feel helpless, loss, distress.  They become home or room bound. They miss the time they are able to move around freely and independently, which they enjoy the most.


They wish to have a “walking stick and chair” which is able to steer around freely. They dream to regain their independent mobility. Can we make their dream come true?

Is the steerable “walking stick and chair” a dream? Is any personal transport or mobility technology available? Today’s mobility scooter technology has made this possible. The latest technology advancement and evolvement have made them affordable to general public.  A mobility scooter is a rechargeable electric scooter for elderly & disable, which enable them steer around indoor and outdoor smoothly. is here introducing the most affordable and the best quality mobility scooter to serve Malaysia users. ( : Now Everyone Can Drive!)

With an affordable RM0.82 a day (Group buy price is RM2999 per scooter – depreciate over 10 years), we can help them to:

  • Relief the stress & pain from the knee, joint, spinal, and leg. Not to continue over-stress the body, which may make situation worst.
  • Regain their self esteem & confident to move around independently; they can join us on our shopping trip without being left behind.
  • Enjoy their golden years (after many years of hard work) without being limited by their deteriorating physical strength.
    • Visit neighbor & shop nearby.
    • Travel to park & garden to have some fresh air and relax.
    • Travel to meet friends and have active social life.
  • Stay socially active & emotionally healthy. Not to be home bound, alone and depress.

Most important is to see them smile again

Note:  Most or some of us.

  • We spend RM3.00 - 4.00 a day on satellite TV
  • We spend RM10.00 – 20.00 a day on cigarette
  • We spend RM1.00 – RM5.00 a day to SMS our friends on non-urgent matters.