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SKU: FR1-001
Weight: 139 kg, 0 grams
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Model Number - FR1

Class of use – 3

Maximum safe slope – 6 Degree

Maximum Climbing Ability – 8 Degree

Maximum Obstacle Climbing Ability - 10cm/ 4 inches

Colors – metallic Gray / Metallic Orange

Overall Length 139cm / 55 inches

Overall Width – 68cm / 26.7 inches

Total weight with batteries – 182 kg/400lbs.

Front Axle weight – 45kg/99.2lbs.

Rear Axle Weight - 68kg/149.9lbs.

Total weight without batteries – 113kg/249Ibs.

Battery weight 75ah – 26kg/57Ibs. each

Turning Radius – 192.5cm/76 inches

Wall to wall – 240cm/94inches


Speed (maximum) – Up to 13kph (8.1 mph)

      – 15 kph (9.4mph)

                            – 17 kph (10.6mph)


Range per charge /75ah batteries – 13kph/58km (90kg), 48km (181kg)

 15kph/65km (90kg), 58km (181kg)

                                                – 17kph/61km (90kg), 51km (181kg)

Ground clearance – 14.8cm/5.8 inches

Weight Capacity – 181kg/400lbs.

Type: Foldable

Weight (w/armrests): 17kg/37.4lbs.

Standard seating- Material: Black

Dimensions:43cm/17inches width &depth

Drive system – rear-wheel drive, sealed transaxle, 24volt DC motor

Suspension – front and rear shock absorber

Dual braking system- electronic, regenerative and electromechanical

Type: pneumatic

Tires – Front and rear: 13 inches

Type; Two 12 Volt, deep cycle, AGM or Gel-cell

Battery Requirements – Size 75 AH

Battery Charge – 8amp Charge


*varies with user weight, terrain type, battery charge, battery condition, and tire condition.

*our policy is one of continual improvement. We reserve the right to change specification without prior notice.